The Pageant

Esther Beauty Pageant, a.k.a The Christian Queen Nigeria is the initiative of Asher Fleet, a Lagos-based Media consulting & Logistics management outfit. Over the years preceding its institution, the CEO, a dynamic and astute entrepreneur, Mr Emmanuel Chukwuji had expressed strong disapproval in the manner in which Beauty Pageants are organised the world over. He had been particular about the indecent and sensually provocative dressing of the contestants which he argues is an overt display of Nudity under the guise of social progress.

Drawing from his strong scriptural background, he dug into how the first and only beauty pageant account in the Bible was practiced. Armed with this excavation, he was determined to make a change in his time. Not long then, he found kindred minds who shared in his aspiration and dreams of changing their society. With collaborative endeavours, the debut season of Esther Beauty Pageant was born in 2015. The turn-up of young christian girls from different states in the country was nothing short of impressive. The second edition shot up as a bigger success with resounding accolades from every nook and cranny, coupled with social corporate support from a plethora of organisations.

Today, The Christian Queen Nigeria has evolved into a powerful and enviable brand with a promise to outlive its rivals. Its mission is simple - "To show a morally impoverished generation the right way to do things" . So is the message it preaches - "Womanly beauty without Nudity";